Wednesday 14 December 2011


The years nearly at an end but we've been looking forward to Spring/Summer 2012 for a while now. The Stone Roses, Ibiza and The Euros are all pencilled in to an exciting itinerary which will see us trying to satisfy a thirst for quality T-Shirts and some decent Summer attire.
As you will know protection from the searing sun is a major priority during trips abroad whether it be to Spain or the Ukraine.
This year we gave you the 'Reni' Bucket Hat which tied in nicely with the Stone Roses reunion. Next year we wanted to improve on this. The best way to do that was to produce a Bucket Hat that was reversible, therefore giving two hats for the price of one, a bonus in these cost-cutting recessionary times. We are also keeping the price at the bargain sum of £30.
The 'Peseta' Sun Hat is 100% cotton with one side carrying our leather badge and the reverse displaying the latest embroidered badge. 
The names of our S/S'12 Collection derive from the currency used in the European countries during an 80s era where if you were travelling overland throughout the Continent, a selection of different currencies would be needed for each Country travelled through.