Sunday 24 April 2011


This week the final collaboration piece with Fila arrived. The Pink Terrinda has us signing off with a jacket that we hope will be remembered in 30 years time, just like we remember Bjorn Borgs iconic jackets from the 80s. The colour has never been produced before by Fila and we thought Pink to be a colour that was brought to the mainstream fore by Casuals travelling to warmer climes and bringing back pastel coloured polos and T-Shirts to a predominantly dour looking fashion era in Britain.
Only 60 garments have been produced and 11 were stolen in transit, therefore we anticipate that they will not be around for too long. The basic model is now sold out but we still have the Pro-badge Edition available while supplies last.
When we set out to produce T-Shirts as a reminder of those great Terrace days of the 80s, little did we realize what we could achieve. To have collaborated with such an iconic brand as Fila has been a dream come true and it has been a pleasure to have worked with them. The fact that they have given us free rein over the colour and badge design says a lot about how they also admire the way in which we work in keeping quality and exclusivity as a premium.
The Pink Terrinda echoes those sentiments.