Saturday 16 April 2011


The football season is drawing to a close and as its finale and the weather heats up, the attention turns to Summer holidays and days in the sun. The 80s Casuals Summer collection is now in place, Sahara and Khyber Shorts are being distributed this forthcoming week, T-Shirts are being printed, the Patagonia Short Sleeved Shirt is selling out everywhere and we eagerly await the Dakar and Nevada Jackets for those cooler evenings and rainy days.
While the country basks in the sunshine, our design ideas turn to Autumn and the on-going process of another collection. One item very much at the forefront of the designs is a Gilet. Dismissed as passe for many years, it can now be seen as a sartorial signal of class when the inspiration comes from the 80s and a Paninaro era of Moncler Puffa Jackets and Gilets.
A month ago we put the idea down on paper; A classic shape, two angled pockets, a left breast double pocket with a signature 80s press stud plus an inner hidden zipped pocket.
This week we received the first pic of the sample and we now anticipate its arrival.
Once it is checked and passed as being of our high standard, we can go to production.
The aim is for an August introduction just in time for the new football season.
More pics to follow once the sample arrives.