Tuesday 12 April 2011


Distributed to stores this week was our latest homage to the Italian Paninaro Subculture. Famed for it's obsession with Fashion and Americana, the scene developed it's own stylish look. A look that encompassed such brands as Timberland, Moncler, Best Company, Armani jeans and C.P.Company plus the obligatory Ray Bans. The added necessity of a Vespa or Lambretta scooter finished off the appearance.
In 1986 the Pet Shop Boys single 'Paninaro' was released bringing the Milanese Paninari image to a new audience here in the U.K.
The T-Shirt is available now from these stores; An-X, Xile, Stuarts, Lance Menswear, Henry Brummel and 80s Casualclassics plus our own website in the next day or so.