Sunday 20 March 2011


Spring seems to have arrived and next week the clocks go forward giving us extra daylight in the evenings and the Summer months to look forward to. Now is the time to freshen up the wardrobe with some new 80s Casuals Clothing.
Here is a quick timeline of our forthcoming attractions;
late March; Limited Edition Pink Fila Terrinda.
mid April; T-Shirts 4 new designs plus a re-print of the original 'It's Grim up North'.
mid - late April; Dakar Jacket in Midnight Blue and Deep Red.
Sahara Sorts in Midnight Blue and Sand.
mid - late May; Nevada Jacket in Burnt Orange and Moroccan Blue.
late May; T-Shirts a selection of designs for Summer.
early June; Bucket Hat in two colours. Pics will appear as soon as the sample arrives.

As we have mentioned previously the M.A.Strum Jackets are going from strength to strength. All of our Spring/Summer selection have Sold Out except for the one XL Midnight Blue Parachute Ripstop Blouson. We now look forward to a Winter collection that is again of exceptional quality.