Sunday 13 February 2011


The Young Sole Rebels T-Shirt will make an appearance this week. Its good to see the stores ordering an array of colours for this Spring. Colour-Blocking, the art of carrying-off a mix of bright bold colours, always screams confidence and Casuals were always the ones for making a statement in the dress-stakes. The 80s saw many vibrant tones introduced such as mint greens, pinks, turquoise, yellows etc which our parents would not be seen dead in.
So this Spring/Summer sees us introduce a Pink Terrinda, a Burnt Orange Nevada or a Deep Red Dakar Jacket with a brightly coloured 80s Casuals T-Shirt into our wardrobe.
Stockists include Ran, Manifesto, Terraces, Originals Footwear, Henry Brummel, Hip, Evolution, 80s Casualclassics, Homeboy, Mainline and Stone.