Monday 21 February 2011


As with all 80s Casuals designs, the initial process starts with a rough sketch. We will start out with a basic idea of, in this case, the Autumn/Winter Smock. The illustration then evolves with the positioning of pockets, fastenings and other extras. This process is necessary to give the pattern-cutter their first visualization and clear understanding of how we want the garment to look. Material, weight, buttons, zips, drawstring and pocket size are just a few of the essential specifications needed in the production process.
The next step for the Smock is to get a sample made and to choose the colours of the material. We will receive a Pantone colour Swatch from the manufacturer and then a sample will be produced.
This whole process can take up to four months.
Keep checking back to see the next development stage of the 80s Casuals Smock.