Friday, 11 February 2011


adidas Bamba [Clash of the Titans]

adidas Tobacco [Clash of the Titans]

Americana Exhibition

Artist Dave White captured the imagination in 2003 with an exhibition titled "Clash of the Titans". Here was someone on the same wavelength as ourselves who looked upon trainers as Objects of Desire and ultimately pieces of Art.
The exhibition had 10 paintings each of adidas and Nike trainers done in Dave's now distinctive style known as Contemporary Pop Art. A relationship was formed with Nike and collaborations have been forthwith with printed T-Shirts and Limited Edition trainers, but trawling the web does not bring up many of the adidas paintings. Here we have two of our favourites [Bamba and Tobacco] unseen since that exhibition.
This year Dave enjoys 20 years as an artist which has seen him tour Europe as a scratch DJ with Surreal Madrid to having his paintings hung in the corporate boardrooms of Nike, Lacoste and Rocafella Records. His skills have also been used in collaborations with Coca Cola and most recently American giants AOL.
Always drawing inspiration from his youth, a new exhibition "Americana" opens in London on 11 April until 30 April at the Coningsby Gallery.
Dave has again caught the zeitgeist as the paintings depicts the golden age of the Western movie which is very much at the forefront of fashion and film at the moment. American labels are looking back at design from the late 19th Century for inspiration while the Oscar nominated film "True Grit" is released this month.
Here we have Dave hand-finishing a Limited Edition screen-print of the "Forgotten Alchemy" collections '38' pistol.
Check his website for more videos and details of other projects from the last 20 years.