Saturday 18 December 2010


80s CasualsJapan is now very much up and running. The guys running the agency and looking after our brand hope to see a significant amount of growth in 'Casual Culture' throughout Japan in 2011, so much so that there is a possibility of the '80s Casuals' book being translated into Japanese.
Another plus side to this partnership is the opportunity for us to have some garments manufactured in Japan. The Japanese have an impeccable reputation for attention to detail using fabrics of superior quality. Their consumers are sticklers for these standards and Japan now leads the way in retail design and workmanship.
80s CasualsJapan are now collaborating with ourselves on an 'Adventure Series' of Jackets specifically for the Japanese market, although we will import a hand full for those customers of ours who require that extra bit of exclusivity.
The jacket will be manufactured using a body of Cordura 1000 fabric (Strongest material in the world ) with other parts (pockets etc) being made from Teijin one-up Tarpaulin [fire-proof and water-proof). Also all zippers are YKK Japan model. Totally 100% Made in Japan.
We are at present waiting for samples before going into production and will keep everyone up-dated here on these developments plus any other work with our partners.