Wednesday 29 December 2010


Here at 80s Casuals we saw many highlights during a very productive year. One of the most pleasing was the success of the Seafarer Jacket from February. Production was limited to just 100 of each colour and the deep red became an instant favourite with stockists asking for more of the same but we kept to our promise of only manufacturing the 100 stated. This exclusive policy will run throughout the forthcoming year.
The Seafarer was up-dated later in the year as the Seamaster with us re-working parts of the design including a new hood and differing the pocket shapes.
At the moment we are awaiting two new jacket samples for this Spring/Summer and a soon as they arrive we will immediately put the pics on here. Another jacket sample we expect in the next couple of months is our "Made in Japan" model. This may be a website exclusive but that depends on the manufacturing and import costs. More news to follow on this shortly.