Saturday 25 December 2010


This year saw a revamp of our website but in the process we put to one side a few interviews we had done over the previous few years. One such interview in 2006 was that of Mark Leckey, an eventual winner of the 2008 Turner Prize, whom we had attributed with the first piece of 'Casuals' related art. Mark grew up in a working class family and attended Everton games in the 80s dressed in his usual attire of Casual clobber.

In 1990 he exhibited alongside Damien Hirst but it wasn't until 1999s 'Fiorucci made me Hardcore' that Mark Leckey came to prominence. The video is a collective of British cultural references from Northern Soul in the 70s through to the late 80s Rave scene. The Casual era has a voice over of iconic brands associated with that period. Marks work often encompasses an eclectic mix of popular culture and this work has often been imitated with many 'found-footage' works now becoming common practice.

Here we have the video "Fiorucci made me Hardcore" in its entirety. Its only in the last year that the full video has been available to view fully again since a Tate showing almost 10 years ago.