Thursday 18 April 2013


Another sub culture to play a big roll in terrace history was the emergence of house music in the UK circa 1988. It's well documented that many lads gave up the match and the rivalries that came with it to dance around abandoned warehouses from midnight till the break of dawn.

If you have been with us for a while you will know that I like many became entranced by this era chasing all over the North West in the wee hours looking for moody rave venues. For me that quickly led to DJing hence many a nod to this fantastic time appearing on our prints. I personally fell out of love with the scene when it was sanitized and brought into night clubs 'for our own safety', but I've never lost the passion for the music. 

So what this is all building up to is sharing my passion with regular mixes from both myself and one or two other forum members who know their way around a DJM. I'll start with a clip of a live set of myself playing back in 89 followed by a more gurn free selection that rings my bell these days...oh and keep an eye out for our 'Do You Remember House' design released soon! JM