Sunday 28 April 2013


So yesterday my season finished having to endure watching another teams fans invade our pitch celebrating their promotion having been 21 points behind us when we played them in the return fixture with us at the top of the table, but that's football eh..... 

When you support a relatively small team like Tranmere Rovers for me it's not about the football on the pitch, it's the camaraderie, dressing up and travelling the country checking out like minded chaps. On the down side we have to suffer a pretty poor standard of the beautiful game with a lot of empty seats, but on the up side you don't get lost in the crowd at a small club and many become an extended family (a bit like 'Cheers' where everyone know's your name). 

So brownie points time it is (mow the lawn, paint the fence go for a ride with the kids) until the curtain raises again on what promises to be another season of obscurity and a wardrobe full of clothes I don't need ( but that's not the point on board the casual express). My business partner Dave is lucky enough to have a few more weeks of what we love to do with his team in the good old division one and still having something to play for. 

Hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have so and roll on next season with a few new grounds to visit and hands to shake. JM