Tuesday 16 April 2013


So, we started a vinyl record label and had to take a three month sabbatical from the blog. Now that the label is up and running we will be able to post a lot more frequently.

Therefore, what have we been up to with the Eighties Vinyl Record label? Well the idea is to promote and showcase some of the best Music [bands] and Talent [graphic artists, photographers, videographers etc] that we find. It may not be to everyone's taste but we believe the artists involved deserve to be highlighted and who knows one of them may make the breakthrough.
We are going to release a Limited Edition single on 7” vinyl each month and in July of each year an anniversary 12” LP of all the first year bands.
It is hoped that the vinyls will become collectable and already One [Sankofa] has Sold Out, so they still have that Casual element of being something exclusive just for those in the know.

We have also adopted one of the bands and shall be helping them out as much as possible. Sankofa are, we think, a proper lads guitar band, they are inspired by the late 60s Psychedelic sounds that emerged and seem to have their own spin on it. They are not influenced by todays music establishment, even to the point of producing 6 to 10 minute songs even though they wont get airplay with a track that long. The single ‘Siren Song’ was over 10 mins and had to be split over two sides.

We love the sound they produce and with a Hammond Organ being added in the next few months it can only get better, but don’t take our word for it, take a listen for yourselves.
All of our releases are on our Soundcloud site, plus you can keep up to date on the record label at our Facebook page. DH
Eighties Vinyl Facebook page;
Eighties Vinyl Soundcloud site;
SANKOFA video for the single ‘Siren Song’