Sunday 9 September 2012


This month will see the first lines of the Winter 'Gentry' Collection arriving. 
The meaning of Gentry usually signifies the 'well bred' people of the higher classes but our description is of the Terrace Gentry who stole the look of the 'landed nobility' to wear on the Terraces. 
The aspirational brands of Barbour and Aquascutum are just two labels that were high-jacked and it is these and the garments of other Countryside labels that have inspired our Winter attire.  
The 'Manor' Knit Polo takes it's place amongst the 'Gentry' Collection and will be available in Charcoal Grey and Navy Blue. The latest leather 80s badge adorns the right hip above a stretched hem whilst the visually distinctive red pinch tag appears on the opposite side hem. 
This elegant 100% cotton Polo conforms to all the characteristics of a wardrobe staple for the Winter months.
Available from early November.