Saturday 30 June 2012


Our favourite Summer Footwear over the last two or three years has been American heritage brand Quoddy. The leather shoes are Hand-Made in Maine U.S.A. All stitching is done by hand and the supple leather functions like a glove as it adapts to the foots shape. They are built to last and can be repaired, resoled and refurbished at anytime by sending them back to the Company's home in Maine.
Here we have a video highlighting the detailing that goes into the shoes production.
The shoes aren't cheap at over £200 but I came home from holiday recently thinking if they were going on sale anywhere, then I would purchase another pair for the next couple of Summers.
Lo and behold Asos have a sale on and have the Maliseet and the brown Blucher at 50% off. Plenty of regular sizes are available.