Sunday 17 June 2012


It's been a quiet week on here but we're sure the Euros have been keeping everyones viewing time occupied. It was in fact time to get away from the cold weather, rain and real ale by taking in the delights of Southern France which included 80 degree sunshine plus cold Pelforth, Desperados and Kronenberg lagers.
It was also a chance to road-test bits of the Eighties Grafters Collection in hotter climes. When we have garments produced we like them to be finished to a standard of quality which we would wear ourselves. That was the case this week as a few Deutschmark Polos, a Peseta Hat, a Drachma Shirt and two pairs of the Euro Shorts were included in the luggage. 
A few pluses included the buttoned back pockets on the Shorts which were ideal for money which is liable to slide out of the front pockets whilst driving.
Obviously the Peseta Hat will keep the sun from turning bald heads the colour of a Liverpool Shirt but the biggest plus has to be the double pocket on the Drachma Shirt. One for the phone and the smaller stash pocket was ideal for sunglasses therefore preventing their lens from damage from rubbing against the phone.