Thursday 6 October 2011


This Monday saw us attend a Q&A with Happy Mondays legend Shaun Ryder to promote his autobiography 'Twisting my Melon'. After an hour or so of highly entertaining tales and anecdotes from his 30 year career, Shaun was only too pleased to chat with fans and sign his book plus any other Mondays related paraphernalia. It was at this point that we passed Shaun one of our Mondays 'Cube' T-Shirts for himself and he was to sign another for ourselves with the the words 'That's Brilliant!!' which was a great endorsement from someone who with working with Factory has come across some iconic design from the likes of Peter Saville [Joy Division, New Order] and Central Station Design who produced the Mondays covers and many posters.
The T-Shirt is available here and at these stores Ran, Stone, Manifesto, Hip, Northern Rags, 80s Casualclassics and Distant Echo.
You can catch Shaun Ryder on tour throughout November and December.