Wednesday, 26 October 2011


It was about 5 years ago that we approached Peter Hooton for an interview about The End Fanzine from the 80s. We reproduced that interview on this blog a couple of months ago but it was at that Q and A with Peter that we suggested the publishing of The End as a complete book. During the next few years a publisher was secured, who due to circumstance, namely a recession, had to drop the idea. That wasn't the end [sic] though as we [80s Casuals] looked at publishing it ourselves in a similar vein to our own book 
We received a print quotation but at the time our resources were needed for the A/W '11 Collection. Step Forward, James Brown at Sabotage Times, an avid supporter of The End during his days at the helm of Loaded magazine. James secured some funding from adidas and the result should be completed next week and ready to post. If you have not already ordered a copy, follow the link for Sabotage Times website were you'll also see an article from Peter Hooton which appears in the book. 
Above we also have an exclusive from 'The End' book. adidas have a couple of adverts in the publication and this one highlights the travel essentials needed.