Wednesday 10 August 2011


This months set of T-Shirt designs are in the course of being prepared. We have 3 or 4 new ones plus a couple of classics not seen for a while.
The first one nearly ready is related to the Manchester music scene of the late 80s, a period that touched everyone, especially those who stood on the terraces on a Saturday afternoon before an evening of clubbing.
The Happy Mondays came to the fore with the classic album 'Bummed' in 1988 on Factory records. The follow up 'Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches' went platinum before 'Yes Please' became the final release on Factory. The major cost of producing this album brought about the downfall of the Factory label as they soon had to declare bankruptcy.
The T-Shirt depicts each of these iconic albums in a somewhat mixed up frame as part of a Rubik's cube which debuted in the Western world in 1980, the same year in which the Happy Mondays were formed.
The final design shall be previewed soon with a list of retailers stocking the T-Shirt.