Monday 15 August 2011


After careful consideration we have decided upon four colourways for the Spring/Summer 2012 Cagoule. The contrast colours include the recent sample of Cream and Navy. We have then produced sketches with varying colour options before settling upon a Navy Top with an Empire Yellow lower half, a Navy Top with a Beaujolais Burgundy lower half and finally a Marina Blue Top with a lower half of Cream.
As with any Cagoule it is functional and easily packable having a zipped pouch as part of its construction.
The Grafters Collection for Spring/Summer 2012 takes it's inspiration from the European Trips of the early 80s where a new world of colour opened up to the Casual. Grafters who had at first travelled to the Continent to support their team then returned abroad to bring back an array of designer goods unavailable in the U.K. The Continental colours and styles are now here to stay and here we have our own interpretation.
We are also waiting for a Chambray Jacket sample which will be in the same shape and style as the Cagoule. The Jacket will be available in only a few select stores as it will be very limited in it's production. The first pics will appear here soon.