Friday 26 August 2011


The book is a social history of a young working-class youth culture, covering the early 1980s on the football terraces through to the dance floors of later that decade and charting the route from Italian sportswear to baggy rave gear - all placed against the backdrop of a small steel-working town 10 miles outside Glasgow ... It chronicles the rise of one of Scotland’s original football casual groups, pioneering the fashion that was to become central to the Saturday afternoon fracas in town centres and at football grounds all over Scotland. Some of these exploits (out of a collection of literally hundreds) are well documented within the book, with photographs and words telling the real story behind the newspaper headlines. In the 1990s, as getting arrested every Saturday afternoon began to lose its appeal, football took a back seat as Scotland’s rave and club culture exploded with the introduction of 'that pill'. This was then followed in the new millennium by a new generation taking up the mantle that had been set in the early eighties. Enjoy the read. Two years in the making, 3 nervous breakdowns, 25 personal accounts of featured events, over 200 pages in full colour, 45 fashion pages, over 500 photographs, 75 designer labels, umpteen spelling mistakes, 25 scrapbook pages, 78 pairs of training shoes, 8000 shapes thrown on the dancefloor and so much raving your adidas Gazelles had holes in them........
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