Sunday 18 April 2010


Pete McKee came to our attention a few years back when we noticed his 'Casuals' painting. Born in Sheffield in 1966 Pete didn't use his artistic skills commercially until offered £50 to do drawings for a Sheffield Wednesday fanzine and then the Sheffield Telegraph. His painting career  began in earnest around 2004 and he hasn't looked back since.
Inspired by his working class roots his imagery includes youth cultures such as Mods and Rockers as well as musical referances including a recent collection on Manchester musicians. His work was also applied to a Limited Edition Clarks Desert Boot and in recent years Pete has worked with the Arctic Monkeys, Noel Gallagher and now Paul Smith. Last week saw the opening of his first exhibition in Japan 'Teenage Kicks', which will show in the Paul Smith store in Tokyo.
Open edition prints start at £20 with Limited Edition prints around £100 and originals with a price on request.
In 2006 I asked Pete to replicate the cover of my first book 'Liverpool Boys are in Town' which he did in his own inimitable style with the adidas trainers, pringle jumper, adidas jumper and narrow jeans on show from the original pic.