Saturday 3 April 2010


In compiling the 80s Casuals book a look of expense and thought went into purchasing original gear to give the book the right look. Jay has been an avid collector over the last decade and some training shoes cost upwards of £300 with many bits of clothing also being costly acquisitions. Many people flicking through its pages have commented on how they wished they had never thrown out that favourite piece of Fila BJ or that pair of adidas. Especially on seeing the vast sums gained on Ebay. but what will be collectables of the future? 
Now that the re-make of 'The Firm' has placed the sportswear at the fore-front of todays fashion, it is likely that in 20 years time we could be seeing the same retro styling on the streets again as todays teenagers hanker for that nostalgic feeling. The fact that we have a collaboration with possibly one of the greatest brands from the 80s casual period was quite inconceivable a few years back, but what we also have is Fila producing Limited Edition Terrindas on our behalf. We believe that in twenty years from now these may be the pieces you see going for astronomical prices on the auction sights of the day.
The green Terrinda was a 500 production and was the first time ever that this colour was produced by Fila for this style,  but the Diamond Point, made from the same Terrinda fabric numbered only 200 and will not be re-produced again. The £69.99 retail price is a give away considering the exclusivity of the piece. Next week will see a limited distribution of some Diamond Points to RAN, STUARTS, ORIGINALS, HIP, MANIFESTO, TERRACES and BLOC3.
Our website also has limited stock available.