Sunday, 7 February 2010


This week saw the release of Nick Love's latest 80s inspired tale. The Firm pays homage to Alan Clarke's 1989 opus of the same name albeit from a different angle. Clarkes covers the hooliganism from the lead characters [bexie] perspective and is set in 1988 whereas Love's is from the view of casual wannabe Dom and covers a sportswear dominant 1984. 
Its clear that this is Nick's period and he re-enacts the time with as much attention to detail as is possible. The purists out there will jump on certain scenes as out of sync ie; JD Sports didn't open in London until 1989 plus the music time-line is up to 4 years out but for £10 theres no other film going to be made that covers such an intrinsic part of casual history. Yes theres over-kill on the sportswear but take into account Fila and Tacchini plus JD no less became major players in the wardrobe department then it seemed acceptable to re-write history to a certain degree. The extras part of the DVD has a 'making-of documentary' which is certainly worth a watch as it goes behind the scenes of the film with a peak inside the wardrobe department.