Tuesday 17 June 2014


An idea we have been playing with for some time now, a fresh take on one of our first ever tee's, with a shake towards a brand and icon that was the starting point for our little label.

Take three under celebrated anti hero's from three of the best movies of all time.....

Don Logan, foul mouth pint sized psychopath, famed for his ability to take the swing out of any party, giving those mats around the bottom of toilets a purpose and not liking his sphincter tickled.

Brick Top, another knee high utter nutter, with no time for grasses but a lover of Muhammed 'I'm hard' Bruce Lee and pigs. He's a sweet chap who is no stranger to throwing a dog a bone.


Finally we have Richard, an easy going sort until you upset his bro. Good with a knife, likes a clown and some mushroom tea. Loves a game of guess who and watching you while you sleep. JM

Coming soon, art work by PC