Friday, 16 May 2014


It's no great secret that the phenomenon that is house music has never left me, like many others of my generation. I've seen many bleat on about 'the rave scene' and it's effect on a certain football associated pass time in the late 80s, but only if you were really there will you truly appreciate this tee...

Meeting points, convoys, dodgy clobber, sported up production line cars, mix tapes, new friends from wooly places, gurning, birds smelling of strawberry, poncho's, pony tails, high tops, 1210's, hippy's selling home made trips , Mondays on the sick, fucking the match off, hanging around Eastern Bloc, Bluebird, 3 Beat records....I could go on.

It's not the same for me now, as much as I still love it. Just another sub culture that made the 80s great.

Released in July on promo or under the counter. JM