Saturday 17 May 2014


1990 was the year me and our kid had our first holiday abroad alone. I was 19 he was 17, both buzzing our tits off as we were going to Ibiza! I remember going to a store in Manchester where all the uber rave heads were shopping called Geese (like most the football was sidelined for a few moons). My bro got this t shirt by a brand called Burro, with this ace anti violence slogan on the front, release to coincide with the world cup in Italy that Summer.

I have fond memories of that image, holiday and indeed time in my life. As the world cup in Brazil looms, we thought this would be a great time to reproduce our nod to that tee and time, as we are sure it will hold parallel memories for many cut from the same cloth.

Well it wouldn't be our own without a twist, so we nicked Yeti's kipper (The Firm), from artwork by our very own Paul Cruse.....a far more fitting face for the campaign we thought, as he's been there, seen it, got the hand gun.

Spreading the gospel of peace in June. JM