Friday 7 February 2014


Yes it's started already and we're making no apologies! The 'Numismatics' (or coin collector) design is inspired by the oversized coins given out with a full tank of two star (or something like that) by fuel giants 'Esso' for the 1970 & 1990 world cups.

OK so it's not strictly legal tender but much cooler than a Smurf and great for throwing at those cheating foreigners should they make your piss boil.

So celebrating the up and coming WC 2014 in Brazil, we have embossed some of our lovely tee's with a terrace twist immortalizing three great tournaments, with some favoured lad attire of the time. Not as heavy as the originals but feel free to throw yours at Balotelli (or indeed the telly) should needs must this Summer. JM