Tuesday 25 February 2014


This vintage slice of graffiti originally tagged on the London Euston train line has become something of an obsession for us, you could even say an integral part of our brand. Because we're Northern you see and like most of our breed proud of it. Yes we love the North vs South banter and even throw in the odd design just for our friends in the deep South. But when it comes down to it, we have this belief that the grim harsh reality of a less pampered dull Northern existence, makes us more resilient with a stronger will to succeed though adversity. 

We also like clothes and nice ones at that! So we got our man Paul Cruse to take inspiration from two of our favourite things (we believe we were the first of many to take an interest in putting the Mille Miglia on designs). The result is a new twist on two of our old designs, re drawn from scratch with his take on the anniversary CP advert.

We like it and hope you do to, it's coming soon... JM