Thursday, 23 February 2012


The weather seems to have taken a turn for the better this week, so many of us will be storing away the Winter attire for the weekend at least, in preparation for hopefully a warm Easter and then Summer, Therefore Our T-Shirt production continues apace.
The 'For Club and Country' T-Shirts have been a phenomenal success with only 40 being produced for most teams which will keep them quite exclusive. The latest include Aston Villa which is in store at Henry Brummel now and will be on our site early next week. Plus a couple of colours of the  Hereford design have been supplied to Homme in Hereford and should be available from Saturday.
Next week will see Chelsea T-Shirts split between our own website plus Stuarts in London who are the  sole stockists of London Clubs including Q.P.R. Tottenham, West Ham and the aforementioned Chelsea.
In the forthcoming weeks we have a new range including 'Michael Caine', 'Comrade' and a 'Habits of Waste' which should be in stores by mid March.
And we do not stop there. We are at present working on a new range of designs including 'Against Modern Football', 'Last Line of Defence' and a new England and Scotland T-Shirt.
We have even been asked to supply our Russian Stockists with their own design for the Euros.
More details and pics to follow soon.