Thursday 29 September 2011


The 80s Casuals T-Shirts are a year round production with three new designs every 5 or 6 weeks plus re-runs of a few old favourites. The third new one from this month was the 'More than just a Game' design.
The T-Shirt is available in Navy or White from the website 
Other stores which have taken delivery this week include Ran, Distant Echo, Stone, Terraces, An-X, 80s CasualClassics, Manifesto, Hip, Evolution and a new store in Alexandroupoli Greece.
In the coming months we shall be diving into the archives and re-interpreting a few classics including The  Meccano Russian image, The Warriors Cobb and The Michael Caine 'credit card' design from a few years back. Keep checking back for more details as we make progress on the Artwork.