Saturday 27 November 2010


A new "Strange Town - Train Station" T-Shirt is about to be distributed to stores this week. It's an up-date on the "North - Train Station" best seller from a few years back. After many requests for the North T-Shirt we thought it was about time we introduced a few more fashionable characters in an array of designer goods including the classic Burberry Mac and the sought after Arctic Parka.
The 'Strange Town' place name comes from the Jam hit of the same name which includes appropriate lyrics such as "You can't be weird in a strange town,
You'll be betrayed by your accent and manners," and "You've got to wear the right clothes".
These Train Station T-Shirts are popular with all stores as we have individualized the station name to include the home town/city for some stockists.
Check with your local store for the Limited Edition home town T-Shirt.