Sunday 18 July 2010


We have only recently realised that the 5th anniversary of 80s Casuals passed us by without so much as a nod or a cheer. Although our 80s Casuals book appeared this year we thought it appropriate to celebrate the feat with maybe another book. As the brand launched on the back of just a plain iconic 80s trainer on the front of a T-Shirt, we are going to put together a collection of some of the best and most inspired T-Shirts from the 120+ we have produced and recently catalogued.
Having only just catalogued the collection, we are hoping to have production complete by xmas, but don't take our word for it, as the 80s Casuals book was Three years in the making. 
Above we have an early Grand Slam which was one of the first multi-coloured prints and used the navy colour of the T-Shirt as an extra colour for one of the pegs and the shadow, therefore making it impossible to use any other colour T-Shirt for that design. The neck had a plain and simple 80's Casuals print. Note the apostrophe in the 80s before it was dropped to make it easier for the website address and for those who study English who believe it now to be  grammatically correct.  
Once the book is printed and ready it will be free with a purchase which we have yet to decide upon, as a 'Thank You' for your continued support throughout the years.