Wednesday 21 July 2010


 We have recently added a bit of support to a couple of regional publications by commissioning our first advert. 
Boss Magazine approached us for a short interview, so we have taken up half a page in their latest fanzine due in August. 
Also we have done something similar with A.F.C. Liverpool who were established in 2008 to give the common man, who is priced out of premiership football on Merseyside, the chance to take kids to the game and become a part of a local community team. We shall be taking up a half page in their programme for the forthcoming 2010/11 season.
For the advert we commissioned MagicHouse Design to draw a scene from the famous Wade Smith store in Liverpool and what it would have looked like on any given day in the early 80s. The car in the pic was my very own Ford Escort MkII from 1974.