Monday 21 June 2010


After the success of the Seafarer jacket from Spring '10 we have decided to use a similar framework for our Autumn/Winter '10 Seamaster Jacket.
The Seamaster will only be available in a Limited Edition run of 100 x 2 colours.
Consisting of a similar front pocket design, the Seamaster also has a full width hidden zipped pocket on the rear, plus the overall length of the jacket is a couple of inches longer than the Seafarer.
Moderations to the hood include a peak and a 4.5 inch 'storm flap'.
Alterations to this prototype sample before production may include us replacing the 'storm flap' at the collar with a buckle and strap.
Expect to see the Seamaster at our exclusive stockists by October.
As we are still at the design stage with this jacket we do not have a retail price just yet.