Friday 29 January 2010


Our friends at Boss mag inform us that the latest edition [No 10] is due for imminent release. Those of you who have never heard of the mag, it was created by three young liverpool lads in 2007 because no-one was writing what they wanted to read, as they put it. Which is basically, going the match, the pub, buying the gear and other such idiosyncrasies associated with such cultural  activities. The Times described it as "It's less a fanzine than the house magazine of a gritty, exciting real-life Scouse culture - with an admittedly red slant" Heres a run down of whats included in this issue and its available from for the princely sum of £1; Editorial • S'appenin lad • Real Madrid Away • 08/09 Aways Roundup • West Brom Away • St Gallen Away • SFK Lyn Away • Liverpool vs Italy (Fiorentina Away) • These are crazy days, but they make me shine • Girls at the match • Book reviews • BIFTAS 08/09 Results • The Gillett and Hicks Files • Going the gym is shite • Shopping • Under the Mud • Going to The Brook • How to jib off those embarrassng moments • Ten town things • The Breck Road/Dely mob war of 1976 • Ten things you do when you're in the boozer on your own • The Mozafather Swillogy • Romance in paradise: A BOSS magazine love story • The Worrier • Toilet Etiquette