Sunday, 31 January 2010


We believe there are only two fanzine style publications worth purchasing, the first we have already mentioned and here we have the second. Proper Mag in now up to its 8th edition and the Stockport based mag gets better with age. Born out of the ethos of 'casual' the content includes all the elements of a quality read, football, clothes, music and film with particular attention being paid to the people behind these cultural scenes. ie; Ian Paley and Kenneth MacKenzie.
In this issue is a huge interview with pioneering DJ Greg Wilson, interviews with the people behind 6876, Heritage Research, Universal Works and tuktuk, plus various other stuff relating to travel, vintage clothing and music. If you missed any of the previous publications they are all available with the current issue here. 
Cost is £4.50 but for that you will be one step ahead of the monthly mags that cost a similar price but are half full of adverts.