Wednesday 8 July 2015


It's no great secret that we are a Merseyside based collective and proud of that fact. Yes there is sometimes cross river rivalry but I always win (arf).

So as May saw the re opening of cult trainer store Transalpino in the city, we will be teaming up with our good friends there to bring you lots of nice stuff in the coming months.

First up is a t shirt idea that came to me while waiting to get the train back to Gods side of the river after a days graft in the Transalpino store (yes such is our bond they even let me hang around in there on Saturday's hoping not to get sussed as a wool).

Whilst patiently waiting for the 18.16 to Hamilton Square my mind began to wonder as to how we could tinker with the above signage intended to stop meffs and foreign folk alike killing themselves on the Mersey underground. However for me they are missing the bigger issue which is that Longsdale slip on's are not an acceptable mode of transport in the home of the 'trainee' and this needs addressing double fast.... So we have done just that with our 'Underground Etiquette' design.... we hope.

Coming soon exclusively to the Transalpino store, Bold St, Liverpool. JM