Sunday 28 September 2014


You may, just may, have picked up on the vibe that we like our football...however our two respective teams couldn't be further away in a league that we feel has been ruined all in the name of ££££.

It's well documented now, that many in Blighty are simply pissed off with the modern game and all the circus that comes with it. Since 1992 the creation of the English Premier League has seen ticket prices rocket out of reach of your average working class Man, many traditional clubs go down the pan and to be quite frank the rise of the drum beating whopper appearing on what used to be the terrace.

Now I'm not knocking Prem teams per se, but my business partner now has to spend a substantial amount of his income to continue what he has done since a boy to follow Liverpool FC. Why? greed sums up in one word the hundreds of bad ones in my head. I fortunately don't follow a team of any financial interest, therefore I don't suffer quite the same expense. The flip side of that is will my beloved Tranmere Rovers with their lack of support or glamour still be around for my son to follow in ten years time? It's not looking good.

So with all that in mind we have combined our Northern roots with a very familiar image to get our point across, and how fitting that Wigan the home of Northern soul should have recently suffered at the cost of the mighty scramble to stay in the promise land....

What the fuck was wrong with division one as the top tier anyway? JM