Tuesday 8 July 2014


So if you have ever bothered to read our blurb, we take a lot of inspiration from the cultures and terrace fashions of the 80s (no shit Sherlock).

Now I'm not sure how regional this was, but many footy types briefly flirted with all things Soviet in said era. Be it a hammer & sickle t shirt, or a copy of the Morning Star in your back sky on matchday..... a lot had a go.

Some of the best images on display at the time were from small independent Liverpool based label Macanno. Inspired by a book a of old Russian propaganda posters, creators Jeff and Rob Davies set out to produce one of the most under celebrate labels of it's era in our personal opinion.

So not for the first time we have a little nod towards all the above, with fine work from Paul Cruse, mixing an old poster and Soviet coat of arms, with our brands proud 10 years plus heritage. Many have followed our lead, but we believe we are the original casual culture label, so we've even given ourselves a star above our crest in a Serie A stylie, resulting in this rather natty image coming on tee's and sweats in the not too distant future.

Long live the Republic! JM