Saturday 11 May 2013


We're not the sort of brand that bangs out pin badges for the sake of a quick buck, which is why since our first set released back in 2004 we have only added a handful. To us a pin needs to have meaning and thought behind it before you attach it to your collar.

The rise of the football casual saw lads drop scarves and colours from their match day attire leaving only the humble pin badge as their mark of allegiance. This in turn became a nod of approval or indeed a smack in the mush depending on who you run in to on any given Saturday. Times have changed since then and approval is all we hope you receive should you choose to sport one of our pins on your threads.

'Scarface' is a character kindly donated to us by our pal Kevin Sampson from the inside cover of his superb novel 'Awaydays'. 
We love this little scribble so much as the book and the drawing both perfectly encapsulate the period of change from Boot boys to Casuals which still lives on today.

Our 'Palla' logo is again of deep meaning to us as the association with tennis wear on the body and feet was a huge part of the early Casual scene and no symbol was ever more sort after than the Bj ball next to that famous F.

Both sold separately priced at £4.95 and released on Sunday the 12th of May @ 6pm