Saturday 23 July 2011


A re-stock of T-Shirts will be in-store in the next day or so.
The 'Vegas of the North' plus the '1981 Riots' and 'The History of Sole' had all sold out. The 'Vegas' will be available in Royal Blue, Kelly Green and Navy. The 'Riots' and 'History' tees come in Aqua Blue and Navy. We also have the new 'Fiorucci made me Hardcore' design in Navy, Aqua Blue and Lime Green'.
Another design available shortly is our homage to the Hacienda Club. Coming in Red, Kelly Green, Navy and Aqua Blue, the 'Hacienda' T-Shirt has not been produced for over a year or so.
The Stores have taken a cross-section of designs and deliveries should be in stores by the weekend.