Saturday, 1 October 2011


Here we have a selection of images highlighting the finer details accompanying the 'Chamonix' Shirt. Rather than over complicate the design, the approach was to produce a timeless piece that can be taken out of the wardrobe year in, year out, without the thought of it becoming unfashionable. Therefore our internal demand was to make something that is better than our previously produced shirt without compromising on price. This process of three samples involved numerous changes to details such as the metal logo badge, the button holes and the elbow patch. Finally once our dedication to this process was complete it was time to produce the final piece. It is something we will continue to do in the long term, whether we are producing another Shirt or a Jacket or Polo, as we are driven by the aesthetics of yesteryear when we ourselves wanted the finest attire with quality detailing.
Details on the 'Chamonix' includes Chambray inner collar and cuffs, contrast buttons and double stitched button holes for extra strength plus a robust 2-ply elbow patch.