Thursday, 25 August 2011


We have a new set of swing tickets which include washing instructions for our T-Shirts. The character on the front is our friend Vinny. You may notice him popping up now and again in the next year as we prepare for the 'Grafters Collection' release in Spring of 2012. He first appeared outside the Wade Smith store in an advert we commissioned a couple of years ago to place in a few fanzines. He has now spread his wings and we picture him somewhere on the French or Italian coast.
Meet Vinny...he's a lovable rogue who like many of us spent most of his time following his team around Europe in the 80s golden era of British football. His main interest on these trips were the lightly guarded colourful sportswear and training shoes left out in pairs in Continental sports emporiums. So toothpaste and undies packed, armed only with his Head bag, a jarg Transalpino ticket and the odd borrowed credit card, he jibbed his way across foreign borders. Vinny joined the exodus with the sole intention of improving his wardrobe along the way.
The grafter was born.