Monday 9 April 2012


This months Italian Football/Style Magazine 'StyleWars' has an interview with our own half Italian Jay Montessori. The lads behind the mag are based at Dressers in Roma Italy and this is the 21st monthly issue which is printed in Italian. They have kindly sent us a link to the English translation of all interviews over the last two years. You can download the file here; 
There has always been a common bond between the English and Italian supporter with regards to Fashion and Football and that passion never seems to fade no matter what age.
Over the years 80s Casuals has befriended some of the leading protagonists of the culture in Italy. Having met Mentalita Ultras in 2005 we went on to collaborate on a few T-Shirts with the brand.  We have also met up for a few drinks with Terraces from Milan and the Italian Supertifo fanzine published an ad for the 80s Casuals book in 2009.